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Since 1999, Yenom has been ISO 9001:2008 certified. We strictly follow the procedures for process control and quality checks on all materials and finished products.

Yenom drives business growth through constant investment in R&D and technical talents, always ensuring customer-centricity and an emphasis on being an optimum solution provider.

Our technology platforms include Emulsion acrylic adhesive, Hot melt rubber adhesive & UV Hot melt Acrylic adhesive technologies, thus providing solutions for a wide range of applications.

We also developed specialty adhesives which meet needs like low smell, low fogging, low VOCs, low migration, deep freeze temperatures and many more.

Emulsion Acrylic
Yenom’s Emulsion Acrylic has the uniqueness of being environmental friendly. This adhesive can be used in various applications from indoors to outdoors, food, luggage, children sticker book to vehicle interior and exterior label application.
Yenom’s Emulsion Acrylic, a green adhesive that has a low carbon footprint, reduces pollution and is environmental friendly. It has good wet out properties on a range of substrates, a non-solvent base formulation. With its low shear and high tack strength, it adheres to FDA requirements with manufacturing by state of the art machinery.
Yenom’s Emulsion Acrylic in finished goods form as a label, meets everyday adhesion requirements with good range of temperature resistance. It is also produced in Singapore to meet global requirements.

Rubber Hotmelt
With its elimination of a curing or drying step, a smaller shop footprint that meets applications in a wide area, Yenom’s Rubber Hotmelt is an adhesive that is suitable for sub-zero application. A suitable alternative that is gaining popularity with its low organic compound and unique feature of not losing its thickness during solidifying with clarity that meets premium applications, Yenom’s Rubber Hotmelt label is used in markets where a high light transmission rate is required.
With its good resistance to moisture, water and humidity and good initial tack, Yenom’s Rubber Hotmelt label is the go-to-market product for many applications.

UV Hotmelt
Yenom’s UV Hotmelt is the solution for outdoor applications with UV resistance. This product range has high temperature application, ultra-clarity premium product offering. The UV Hotmelt label is the product for no label look, good clarity that enhances the value of aesthetics. This trademark premium product which cures by UV light is a clean manufacturing process, smaller shop footprint and low organic compound suitable for high light transmission and yet UV resistant outdoor application.
Yenom UV Hotmelt label is the product for choice for borderless, boundary-less, label-less, water resistance and excellent clarity application which meets FDA requirement.

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